Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eyelash Money

Wednesday, 5th November

Spent the night grafting eyelash extensions onto my sister's already long lashes +_+ she bought a kit for $25 and it came with 3 tubs; each with different lengths of little artificial lashes inside. I can see now why they charge so much to get it done professionally. Oh gosh, my back is aching from arching over; my eyes are blurred from squinting and at some point I couldn't tell which lash I was up too URGH!! Those things are so tiny and flimsy!! But there was a dramatic difference, her lashes were like camel lashes (hehe Alice the camel song!!); thick and long! I just hope she doesn't ask me to do them again when they fall out (6 weeks apparently).

If you are wondering if I'm going to give it a go... noooooo way!!!! I don't think it would make a difference to me and I'm scared of getting stabbed in the eyes with those pointy tweezers.


I've figured out how I am going to spend my $300 (plus the pay I get for this month)! Christmas gifts!! Going to spoil my family this year and of course especially my boyfriend!! Better start early though, Christmas shopping stresses me out and people are really rude during those times. I get knocked around because I'm so little and they don't see me =(


Found this picture of my favourite singer Ayumi wearing a headband with similar style to the one I bought:

She's so perfect!

I really cannot do this weekly blog thing, try as I may I just can't help updating!!

WOW!! 15 followers!! ^____________________________________^" Probably the reason why I can't stop blogging!!