Friday, December 11, 2009

Earmuff!! Himehoodies future plans!

Hey girls!

I am in the process of making a heap of EARMUFFS!!! again...

They are handmade, like seriously! I bent the wire frames myself!

Have a look!

They're on my etsy shop by the way:

I hope to make more furry ones since they work better with the wires I am using and they are sooooooo soft and pretttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

I wish it snowed in my city once in a while...

Future plan

I have had a lot of requests for Himehoodies.

Once I get my hands on non-overpriced laces I will get cracking!

Himehoodies will only be custom made to buyers size. Which is a good thing because it will actually fit you! Yes, even if you are a large size (or if you prefer your hoodies baggy)!!

Price will be $50 regardless of size (add postage costs)

At the moment only pink will be available.

Just giving the heads up now!

Its just a plan right now!

Anyway, thank you for all your support!

I have another tutorial I am working on and it is easy peasy! Can not wait to show!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simple clothes making & making ruffles

I can't believe no one has heard of this youtuber!!

All her tutorials are so easy and straight to the point!!

Simple and easy fashion!!

I love it!

I had a lot of free time today! YAY!!!

Here are some ways that I make ruffles:

Good luck!