Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Married and moving

As girly as I seem, I must admit that my room looks like a guy's room! By that I meant my room is a total mess! Since Christmas and my birthday, my room has been littered with fabric and craft materials; shoes; shoes; shoes; bags; gadgets and just so many other stuff!!

Everytime I walk into my room I have a little gymnastic session to get around. Leaping and jumping about and eventually rolling on the floor... in pain...

I took Tony to Ikea yesterday, it was his first time! I made sure he had his phone on him in case I lost him during our exploaration. Knowing him, I was expecting him to lose himself in the giant place ♪ヽ(▽ ̄ )ノ/(_△_)ヽ(  ̄▽)ノ "Oohh! Look at this! And this!!"

Walking through, I felt like we were a married couple shopping for new furniture for our new home hehe!!

I found so many good ideas on how to store my mess!

We found some cute cat houses!

I bought Tony's dog a dog bowl set with stand, a long rack to hang my bags on, drawers and shelf. I was so excited about my new room design!!

We got home and I still had that married couple feel while we were putting together the drawers. It was like newly weds building a kitchen!

An + Tony = The best team ever!!

(Tony, I'm not hinting anything!! Don't stress!! HAHA!!)

And so, after about 1 hour, a short nap and another hour; here is the result:



AfterThis is my favourite!!

I am planning to intall the rack over the drawers to hang my bags over it but I'm going to wait till my dad comes home before I start drilling holes all over my wall! I will be sure to update on the bag hanger when we finally install it!

Wow! Coincidence? Just as I finished typing this up, I hear Oprah doing an episode on messy house make-overs! OHH I LOVE make-overs!!

My room feels so much more bigger!! But now I feel smaller... 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scented heart / My 21st

After making a big mess and going through many trial and error...

I am proud to present to you a new member of the Himehood Collection!

Scented Heart

There are two colours of bow/roses to choose from; pink or white. Each colour is made a different style.

Can be hung in many places such as your car, on your door knob or in your cupboard to give a sweet fresh smell every time you open your door!

I am still figuring out which scent is best. I have a choice of two... We'll see...

Will be available when I finish my other designs!

27th December, Saturday:

Happy 21st to me! Spent the day making the scented hearts.

Tony took me to his place to cook dinner for me! He attempted my favourite 'Choo Chee' dish from Orientai, then he cooked steak and we ended up eating it with the Choo Chee sauce and it was the best!! Thai and Aussie food mix! YEAH!

Then he presented me with his homemade chocolate mousse! I love chocolate mousse! Man, I love all sweets!!

He also got me a digital mini photo frame!

Slide show in my hands!

After I met up with my friends to celebrate mine and Anne's 21st (her birthday is a day after mine!)
All my other friends are currently in Brisbane *sadness*

Me (asian flush?) and my Hero

A lot of dancing that night. Best part was when I was just dancing away on the stage and this guy was dancing up against me; I turned around to show I had no interest but he didn't get it. So, Tony came in to dance with me but the guy was still trying! So dumb... Then, Tony pushed in between us and fully backed him up against the wall!! The crowd was laughing so much! Maybe I will make a cartoon for you to understand. But all I can say is: Tony you are my hero!

This has been a quite brief blog, I've just been out and about enjoying my holidays and getting a good work out!

Got Thai and Tony over to watch movies with my sister and I right now. Its so good to chill out together!

POPCORN HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hime Ring #2 / Sweet nail maker!

I've been on a creating spree!!

Rummaged through my left over scrap pieces today. I picked up a few things and just from the top of my head came up with this:

(I tried to make my hand as feminine as possible!)

Materials and process:
Base - laces that have been sewed together at the ends then gathered at the center.
Pearl chain - First dab glue (hot glue gun) on the lace base, stick the middle of the pearl chain on first. While glue is about to set, fold the pearls over to look like a bow (cross over). Seal with another dab of glue.
Flower (left over from 'hime mirror make-over') - just dab glue and stick!!

When all is done, glue onto ring!!!

~ ~ ~

I received a gift from Yukie a few days ago. I was only expecting a set of nails I bought from her but when I opened my package it was full of surprises!!

My order

Extra gift!!

I've been staring at these nails for weeks now:

Preppy style nails!!

I'm not buying them because they're too long!! I'd rather leave it for someone else who will actually wear them on a daily basis and can still make use of their hands haha!!

If you guys haven't checked; she has new stuff on her site. They range from DS cover to hime rings and bags and of course more nail designs!!

Click here!!

Personally the new things are too pink and frilly for me! I like my accessories a little toned down but still with a hint of hime! But for those die-hard hime lovers, I do recommend giving her site a visit!

Don't forget to mention my name 'An' when purchasing (FREE GIFT FOR YOU)!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Onee/Hime zip pouch

Looked everywhere in the fabric store for cream velour fabric but they didn't have any. So, I was stuck with black!

Improvised with gold features and iron on Swarovski gems. Not bad!

Took approximately 1 hour to do. All done from scratch using an already made zip pouch as a visual template.

Video is for those who are confident in sewing as it is quite brief.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kigurumi Piggy Bathing

Sorry for all my party blogs!

I'm going to try and avoid too many party blogs unless there is a great story that goes with it!! Hehe!!

But just one last one!

Saturday night was Jimmy and Tommy's 21st. The bar was pack full of asians everywhere. We couldn't move! But I saw a lot of my old friends that I haven't seen in so long! But basically all of Adelaide's asians were there!

We didn't stay very long, it was really uncomfortable having people push about; you won't believe how crowded it was! Apparently 200 people were there! And they only booked the place for 50 people!! Their fault for inviting ALL their facebook friends!! Haha!!

My cousin Kimji and I
(top from Botika in Rundle Street)

Highlight of the night, after the boys (incuding our new friends Duy and Long) had too many again ( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ ): we were ready to go home but there were 6 people to one sedan (5 seater). Long offered to hide in the boot in case I got pulled over for a 'breatho' and we get busted with a packed out car. It was the best part of the night!! I was swerving about to scare Long and he was squealing like a little girl! Then Tony was telling everyone about how I put on fake nails for the party and how long they were, then a voice from the boot interrupts saying, "HEY! I heard my name! Thats my name!!!!"

Guess you should have been there...


Bathed the girls yesterday ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)>ヽ`、ヽ`シャワー♪

We used Baby Shampoo and they smell so sweet!! While we were drying Sooky with the towel we left Soap all snug in a mini towel cave and she looked like a fat white fluffball with two googly eyes!!!!!!!!!!! *melts*

Drying up in their cage

Gave them their monthly manicure hehe! No, we just clipped their nails.

Now everytime I open the outdoor hut, all I smell is the lovely baby-guinea pig smell. Its so cute! And they're both so soft and cuddly!!


Also I stayed back after church to help some ladies sew costumes for the Sunday school Christmas play.

The patterns were already cut out. As I sewed the cow costume together, I realised how much it looked like the gyaru kigurumi 'pajama'!

The final product was exactly a mini version of these cow ones:

I know the patterns for making them, so now I will give it a go (on a much larger scale)!

So, my next project could possibly be to make a KIGURUMI! Don't know what animal or character to do... maybe one of my pets?

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Don't girls look cute on bicycles?

Carmen Electra makes it look G:

Lowriders are so versatile; you can ride as a geek or a thug. Love that old school stuff!

I've been wanting a lowrider for 3 years now, I only found out recently that you have to build your own! I remember seeing one in DaKlinic those years ago but it wasn't my kind of colour. I guess they do sell some in stores, but they're very plain? Lowriders are like import cars; they need customising!

Mmm... high handles and low seat; lean back and ride with style! Not to mention saving on fuel and helping the environment!!

Dream bike:
Hopefully, I can build one in gold and chrome pink!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Resource, thigh lace socks and Reggae Gyaru?

I was searching up 'b-gyaru' pictures and stumbled upon this link:

2 years ago I used to always visit this blog and two other French gyaru blogs (can't remember the links anymore)

But there you go! Its image heavy so you have to wait it out!

I will update again if I find another! Happy viewing! ^_^


Found these cute lace thigh socks from

Don't ask me how to make them! I can figure it out but I guarantee it will look dodgy!!


As for b-gyaru style, the closest I've found to that style are all the 'dancehall queens' of Japan. They're clothes are sometimes b-gyaru! But they don't wear it to hip hop, they wear it when they dance to reggae ton music... Most times they just dance in g-strings and skank clothes =/

I'm quite fascinated by how they move with the music... but its kinda... skanky...

These videos are pretty tame compared to others, but its not the style I'm after. Watch if you're curious though:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Inspirational Videos



This last week was the worst week ever!! But it all ended so well ^_^ (unexpected calls and suprises and a fat pay cheque hehehehhee!!)

I am finally free to design and sew again!

OH! So many ideas in my head... Can't wait to get them out onto fabric eep!

So, the links on post will be mainly on fashion since I specialise in clothes design/making.

Fashion Inspiration

Next lot is in 3 parts:
TokyoGirlsCollection Part 1

TokyoGirlsCollection Part 2

TokyoGirlsCollection Part 3

You may find other links through the 'Related Videos' section.

There used to be a user with videos on Tokyo Kawaii TV, but they videos got removed because of abuse of terms and rights =(

Another user I've found has videos of just general fashion, skin care and other things about/for Japanese girls. Its so cool! They talk about food, fitness, shoes, clothes and heaps of other random girly stuff!! I love their fashion segments!!
motomotoimadoki channel

These girls have got the natural look that I'm going for. I'm just into the fashion and use the style for inspiration. As much as I rave on about the gyaru fashion, I only like their clothes. Don't care much about hair and make up because I don't want to look gyaru!

Hime and other cute stuff

For other videos, just check on my favourites once in a while:
Himehood Favourites

This link I frequently check:
La-Pafait - Hime brand, not as popular as others I think but they have some good designs!
And this video is some video of them with some Sprite mascot =S

When I remember more link, I will be sure to update you girls (and some guys that read this O.o!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sorry 2 posts in one day, I'm just excited!!

Since my post on Preppy Gyaru (not the skanky dark look but the sweet upper class geek look), I found that user TokyoCawaiiTV uploaded a video on a fashion stylist who specializes in preppy style!

I can't translate all of the video but I assume Cecil Mcbee released a 'school line' for girls to wear the brand to school.

Awww... I was so happy watching this!! ^_^ And she looks like this girl I know who is Vietnamese... WEIRD!!

I LOVE Cecil Mcbee!! Elegant gyaru style!!
Check out the staff blogs, they're packed with sweet preppy style:
And their online shop has cute stuff like pyjamas and more preppy clothes!!

And my favourite: Cecil Linc


Hime Kitty Hat

So the story of the Accidental Hime Kitty Hat:

I started out by making Hime Christmas hats. I realised, when I finished, that the fur was sewn on backwards. Giving a biiiiiggg sigh, I cut the fur off because it was too cute to throw away.

From that fur, I decided to make a concept Hime pencil case.

Unfortunately, my pens and other stationary did not fit. (Please refer to above picture)

At that very moment, Bebe struts onto the cat mat laying beside the dining table (on which the sewing machine was placed). Alice begins to play with him. I look at Bebe and throw the 'concept Hime case' onto him and say, "Here! Play with this!" Watching it sit on Bebe's belly, I began to think, "That looks really cute on him..." I pause. "ON him!"

And may I please introduce to you the Accidental Hime Kitty Hat!!

And the ever so loveable-movie-star-wannabe-deformed-leg BEBE!!

I thought he would have thrown the hat off, but I think he secretly enjoyed wearing it... He was so still during the whole 'photography session'. I think he's gay...

Kenny on the other had went spastic and when we did manage to get it stuck to his head, he curled up and froze till we took it off! Such a baby ^_____^"

How to make:
Its so simple. Its just two rectangle pieces of fabric joined at both sides and the top. Leave the bottom side open for your cats head.

Current measurements:
18cm (7 inches) wide and 8 cm (3 inches) high
Don't forget to leave and extra 1cm for sewing/joining