Sunday, February 22, 2009


I made a mini/temporary shop on myspace.

I can't be bothered with websites anymore! They make you pay regular fees, sometimes they can't even get the 'sign up' form correct and I couldn't even fix that problem. Other sites required a credit card for approval and I don't have a credit card! Another took 2 months to approve my application by then I was too annoyed to bother with them.

I know you're all sick of chasing me around everywhere with all these sites that I promised would be my shop! I just wanted to show I am a genuine seller! And I wanted the shopping cart system for easy shopping!

So, its on myspace as I had originally planned until I find and confirm a GREAT site that I can sell properly on!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wedding time with Uno Kanda

I love weddings! Especially at the reception when the bride comes out with her reception dress. My uncle films for weddings; so every time we have family gatherings at his house, my sister and I would go through his work DVD collection and pick out the pretty young bride (oh, so shallow we are) and watch for the reception photos (for other people's dresses) and of course how pretty the bride's dress is!

I've been on a wedding video spree, especially the videos from Japanese catwalk shows with wedding dresses.

From these, I discovered Uno Kanda. I am such a fan of her designs now!

Check out these videos of her wedding collection:

I really love the bow on the veil!

And also loving the gathered bottom of this dress!

I did a bit of Uno stalking and managed to find her fashion blog and her official website.

A sneak peak at her cute bag designs:

I really want to get this one here!

My new inspiration: Uno Kanda!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to make a babydoll tube dress (the lazy way)

Videos and a drawn out plan in case you still didn't get it (I don't blame you, I stink at tutorials)!

Its 15 minutes long and I had to cut a lot out too... so, sorry if its hard to understand!!

Part 1

Part 2

Don't you love my rushed writing?


Monday, February 9, 2009

An the shoe maker?

Yes, I'm still oogling over Nicholas Kirkwood pearl platform shoes.

A few years ago, I went through a phase where I wanted to make shoes. I was tempted to even enroll into a shoe making course! We will see how successful this 'Himehood' brand goes! Ohh a brand eh?

After staring at the Jesus Diamante shoes for way too long, I've come to realise how easy it is to imitate their shoes.

I might make an attempt on imitating their style when I get my hands on plain heels. Yeah, just stick a fat bow on it and you're done! I'm joking!

I've also been wanting to make my own handbag. I know how to make a simple clutch but a handbag would be so cool!

I have so many handbag ideas in my head! I just want to make them and share them with you all!!

Any handbag making courses out there?


For those waiting on my tutorial on how to make a tube dress: I'm still looking for the right fabric! I really can't stand my local fabric shop! When I want something, they don't have it but they have other fabrics. When I go back to buy their other fabrics, they re-stock the ones I previously wanted and are out of the other ones!

I'm going to take a long trip to a big fabric warehouse tomorrow and hopefully I should find the one!


And so I leave you with yet another beautiful creation by Yukie which I cannot buy because it is too long for me.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ride em Cowgirl!

So, I managed to make myself a top the other day.

It flared out a lot and would not stay down. I wasn't sure if it looked cute or made me look pregnant! Just in case, I tied one end up to tighten it at the bottom and went out.

Boyfriend was quite impressed!!

I'm going to make another attempt with different fabric. Hopefully it will turn out better!!

To please

I set up a second blog just so I can blog about my daily life without people getting all crazy about not being 'hime' or 'sweet' (as my 'himehood' blog name suggests).

I will update on this blog when I have made or designed new things, or if I found some good sites and so on. Or when I'm feeling a little... sweet ( ̄へ ̄)...

But with that being said, this blog won't be updated as regularly as my new blog!!

So, new myspace friends... did you notice anything interesting on my page?? *cheesy grin*

And thank you to my regular readers for bearing with me through these weird and confusing times! Hopefully, there will be less drama this time around!!


Before I leave, I updated my youtube favourites today. Since there are no pictures in this blog, I made it up for you buy finding you some more hime/girly videos and also a short video on how to make a basic dress; I will show you my version of the dress soon!

*throws candy*

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lets get boring!

Sorry about my previous rant (now deleted), but I feel so good now!

I see why most bloggers rant so much!

Anyway, if you haven't added me yet; my myspace is

I guess through here you can communicate with me on any ideas you have, or just sharing hime pictures or whatever!

I will be a little picky with who I add. E.g. NO MALES

*sarcasm kicks in*

Now I will go onto my lawn in my beautiful peach chiffon dress and play with the butterflies!