Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Hime Rings

I knew I saw them somewhere!! Only these ones are a bit more out there!!

I finally found where my ring inspirations came from!!

More accessories and fashion can be found on the LaPafiat site. Most of my design inspirations come from this site ^_^!

Prepare to continuously say "AWWWWWWWWW!!!!"

Friday, October 24, 2008

"Where do you get your nails from?"

Ok, since my last video was put up, the main focus was actually on my nails instead of my rings!! HAHA!!

So, Yukie (or Yuki ~ I'm confused on which name she prefers... but I don't think its something to fuss over ^_^) has asked me to help her promote her nails by posting info about it on my blog and I am more than happy to!!

Don't be afraid to ask questions! She is very friendly and is really looking forward to new customers!!

If you are worried about the sizing, have a look at my photos/video; the one I wore in the ring pictures/video was a medium size.

Not only does she sell really cute nails; she also has a range of cute parts (bows, roses, beads, gems, and more) and clear nails for you to make your own!


*SPECIAL OFFER - If you are making a purchase from this site, mention my REAL name (An) when ordering so she will give you a free gift!! E.g. "I found your site through An!" But only when you are purchasing, if you are only browsing her site then there is no need to tell her.*

She ships internationally!

Yuki also has more nails on her ebay account:
The special offer does not apply on ebay!!

That's it from me! You can find out more from her site! Happy shopping!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Himehood Ring

I know for a fact that Hime style rings (and I mean the extravagant ones) are not sold where I live. And I have yet to see an online shop selling them. The closest I could get to those pretty rings were the first few shown in my video. So, why not make it?? I cannot believe how simple it is!! Plus, I did it all wearing my fake nails haha!!

Before you look at the pictures, I'd like to say they would look better with the full Hime Gyaru dress-up!!

My hair got caught in the blinds... doesn't look too bad!!

This bow ended up bigger than I planned it to be

The plain rings I got were close to $4 for a pack of three!! If you don't want to spend that much then you can always pull apart an old ring or decorate on top of it.

If you are not sure how your chosen object will look as a ring, just put in on top of your hand as if it were a ring. Like it? Then you're on your way!

Get creative! Put whatever you please!!

Hmm... I can't remember what else to type... When I remember I will edit this hehe!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hime-den, Tokyo Kawaii TV and a lucky boy... or girl??

Sorry no images!! Prepare your eyes for some heavy reading!!

Deco = Decoration
Den = Denwa (phone)

I was browsing the net for any mirror that had been decorated as Hime style, but I couldn't find any (that's why I had to design my own with no template). I did, however, come across many many many phone decor sites!!

This link I'm going to show you girls is mainly made up of gems and diamante. I personally prefer fabric decor like lace and ribbons (and a touch of pearl) because they look softer and sweeter. Although, I like looking at gems and such; it gives the owner an almost 'rich' image!!

Deco-den inspiration:
(There are also extra links on the bottom of that page)


Speaking of decoration and mirrors and such, I came across this video the other day where this person... Erm... how would I explain this... a 'boygirl'? Well, basically a man who changed to woman!! He looks like a girl, the give away is when he opens his mouth and out comes this hideous man voice!

Anyway!! I will call him the himeboygirl! This himeboygirl was one of the hosts on this Japanese TV show and had a chance to get a hime room makeover!! They called in this woman who was famous for decorating girl's rooms and specialized in hime style. She was this editor of a popular home style magazine.

The result was sooo beautiful!! Heavy felt curtains and a double hime bed filled with soft coloured cushions! An elegant gold framed mirror and everything was pink! Then they decorated his/her walk-in wardrobe and turned it into a dressing room with studio dressing table completed with lighted mirror!!

I wish I could find the video again so I can link you girls!! I got a little jealous of the himeboygirl because he/she got it all for free and they basically cleaned and organised his/her room and turned it into such a sweet girly room!! *Still browsing hoping to find the link!!*


For a long while now I've been watching the Tokyo Kawaii TV series on Veoh. Its the perfect television show for anything cute and girly. Every episode has girly dressed up girls and some gyarus. Its all inspiration for me! Oh, and the host is so pretty (the female one that is)!!

If there was a DVD, I'd buy it right away to keep forever!! I'm sure not all the episodes are up and the videos on the net may be removed due to copyright infringement. So, watch it while its up!!

This link has the most completed episodes I've found. There are some youtube videos but most of them are only partial.

Do some detective work, I'm sure you can figure which ones are Tokyo Kawaii Tv episodes hehe!!


Well, aren't you girls lucky? Getting all these sources in one go!!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Pretty Mirror

Inspired once again, I decided to spruce up my boring door mirror!!

Because I'm not a big fan of gems and diamante, I chucked a whole bunch of my favourite lace and ribbons (I even put roses!!) onto my mirror!! Is it still considered 'deco-den'??

Such a pretty mirror in such a messy room...

Speaking of mess...

Ahh... the joys of double-sided sticky tape!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dye or Wig?

I am happy with my natural look and hair colour, but sometimes a little change can help add mixture and interest to my outfits.

I've thought constantly of dying my hair a dark brown or brunette colour.

Similar to these girls

I became inspired when I saw this really pretty asian (looked Japanese... yet Chinese at the same time) girl in town pull off the medium brown hair really well with her dress. I wanted to look exactly like her... only my hair wasn't long enough =(

The only thing that puts me off is the regrowth. Its like, you dye your hair and you look great for a month or two, and there it is... that hideous black patch crawling out of your head!! Then you have to dye it over again or just grow it out =S And if you want to dye it back to black, you'd look emo +_+ TROUBLESOME!!

Well, browsing through Himeka Shirosaki's blog today, I realised that her always amazing hair is actually a bunch of wigs!!

WOW! All this time I just thought she was just rich enough to keep her regrowth up to date with all those hair dyes. And add and remove hair extensions at will. I never realised they were different lengths and shades till I saw that picture on her page!!

Lucky girl!! Gets to change her look as easily as she wants! Its kinda inspiring me to buy a few wigs hehe!! Not blonde ones of course! But it would be great if I didn't have to spend all that time damaging my already crappy hair with hair straighteners and products! Just tie it in a bun and whack on an already styled wig! YAY!

Now, there is still a bottle of brunette hair dye still in my room, its been there for 3 months now... I hope it hasn't expired =S Oh geez, I am so lazy!

Probably go wig shopping sometime soon and lucky I ran into a really reliable place that is full of real hair wigs recently!!

OH!! And of you are curious of who Himeka Shirosaki is:

She is a kind of Lolita style, I see very little Hime in her but she is good for fashion inspiration! She is more famously known for her very realistic Ayumi Hamasaki impersonations! The bags under her eyes are seriously heavy though, but other than that, Ayumi has a look alike!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spoiling my pets... and more nails >.<"

Was super bored today, so I made a tiny bow and put double sided sticky tape on it; grabbed Soap and stuck it on her head ^_^!!

What about Sooky?? Well, her little mo hawk would not go well with the bow =S Maybe if I made her a mini leather jacket...

My sister and I went back to Port Adelaide market to visit Yukie again, we bought some more stuff because we just love her works and we want to support her so she won't stop!!

I bought $30 worth of nail stuff (bargain!!) and Yukie gave my sister and I a free compact mirror each!!

My plump, darling cat Kenny is snoozing on the mat behind me next to the new cat post we got for him and Bebe.

Before you question me, I would like to say that I am very good at saving... except when it comes to cute stuff and food =S

Yes, both my cats are male...

I really have got to stop spending on pointless things =_="