Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spoiling my pets... and more nails >.<"

Was super bored today, so I made a tiny bow and put double sided sticky tape on it; grabbed Soap and stuck it on her head ^_^!!

What about Sooky?? Well, her little mo hawk would not go well with the bow =S Maybe if I made her a mini leather jacket...

My sister and I went back to Port Adelaide market to visit Yukie again, we bought some more stuff because we just love her works and we want to support her so she won't stop!!

I bought $30 worth of nail stuff (bargain!!) and Yukie gave my sister and I a free compact mirror each!!

My plump, darling cat Kenny is snoozing on the mat behind me next to the new cat post we got for him and Bebe.

Before you question me, I would like to say that I am very good at saving... except when it comes to cute stuff and food =S

Yes, both my cats are male...

I really have got to stop spending on pointless things =_="