Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love your pets!

Whooooo!!! Holidays!!!

Wow, I haven't looked at my youtube channel for well over 5 months!! Except to answer the occasional private massages. I didn't think I would get so into my studies haha

Well, its only my 2nd day of holidays and I've started working on a few projects. I started making cat beds for my darling kitties because since my parents got a dog, the dog gets his own bed and gets to sleep inside!! So when my cats come inside to chill, they only have the hardwood floor to sleep on :(

I was kind of making up the patterns as I went along... it didn't turn out how I wanted. So I just ended up giving them just a rectangle mat each to sit on. They LOVED it though!! Haha, my babies are so simple!

Now I'm trying to figure out how to make this accessory for pets. I don't want to give too much away about it but hopefully it works!

Just another update, thats all.

I'd like to release another tutorial before my next semester of studies start again... but we will see if everything works out!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Square Case

Hi Awesome followers!

I've been away for so long! I wish I was always creative and inventive so I can constantly churn out tutorials for you all! But unfortunately, I'm just and average person who only gets inspired by random things I happen to pass by!

Sometimes I'd be sitting in my church during sermon and an idea would suddenly hit me! Like the time I thought of a great way to place an air freshner in the car without making the interior look ugly... (hard to describe but it was a cool idea). Or even out eating dinner with my boyfriend, just sitting there staring at napkins and BAM! I come up with some unique way of using your soap and a shower puff... (hard to explain too... maybe I should draw pictures haha)!

But then I'd go onto google or etsy and see if someone has already come up with these ideas. A high percentage of the time a similar idea has already been created. Like that air freshener idea, Audi has already released a concept on their website. Not exactly how I imagined it... but a billion times better! Damn, could have been a millionaire if I came up with it long ago haha!! Joke joke!

And even the soap+shower puff idea, there turned out to be a thing called a "soap saver" made by crocheting. Pretty close to what I had imagined, but I think it works better than what I came up with.

So... mega sigh...

I know I'm very picky when it comes to tutorials. I kind of want things to be close to perfect before I show anything. And I dislike repeating tutorials what are already out there unless I have my own version of doing things.

So anyway, my notebook is just full of sketches and notes on things I'd like to create and incorporate into my designs or stuff I make. So I am still thinking of making Himehood tutorials, its just time and the fact that 90% of the stuff I-think-that-I-am-so-amazing-by-coming-up-with-a-totally-cool-idea are actually already created and results me in sad face.

Ok too much blah blah.

I cleaned out my room in preparation for the new study period and just found stacks of unused fabric and junk.

So while waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up, I hopped on the machine and just threw together what ever I happened to like from the junk pile...

Ended up making some awkward square pencil case:

I think it looks cool. And it fits my calculator too!
I used some sort of denim star print fabric for lining. I hate it when your pens and pencils pierce the thin lining inside your pencil case and then theres the hole in there that your erasers and what nots manage to climb into then get lost in between the outside fabric and the lining and you rumage around in there, you can feel it but you just can't reach it!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that is why my lining is made of tough fabric.

All the best for 2011!
Much Love,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Plush Hat

I did my own version of this Mickey Mouse plush hat:

I has taken me a while to get around to and after reading the entry from Universal Doll about current bear ear trends, I was motivated to make it!

I cost me around $20AUD to make the whole thing. Not as cute as the picture above... maybe you have some tips to give me!

Oh and I re-uploaded my phone charm tutorial for those who have been asking about it.

How embarrassing, there are ads on my video about losing weight...

And I want to take this chance to say that I have missed you guys!

Ideas and designs don't come around regularly haha! I usually have to be reading something or be inspired by something I see

Anyway, I'm almost reaching 10,000 subscribers! Yay!

But its not all about the views and subscription. Its about sharing my ideas and creations with you and letting you try it for yourself.

As long as you are all watching me for that reason then I am more than satisfied.

Who knows when my next idea will come. Till then, keep an eye out for these other diy gurus:


All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUG* *HUG* *HUG*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Treat your ears


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smash that face!

This is a little instruction on how I pulled apart a pocket watch in order to use it as a container for the solid perfume

If you would like smaller amounts, why not try a locket? Like those heart lockets you store photos in and wear on your neck?


I bought this one on Because I knew I was going to pull it apart, I thought it be best if I bought a cheap one. So I searched up "pocket watch" and selected the "lowest price" option.
When picking them, make sure you know the size. Some of the really cheaper ones are tiny little sizes, unless you want that size!

I waited 2 week for mine to arrive from China.

Perfect size! 40mm radius. And I paid $7 USD.

1) Press the button at the top (remember this part of the watch, it is important!! THE BUTTON!). The button opens up the front cover.

2) Here I took what ever tool was nearby and smashed the hell out of the watch face. This is why you wanted a cheap one because the watch will be of no use here! Anyway, the plastic cover should break up and you can take it off.

3) After, I turned the watch around and used a flat head screw driver to pry it open. Mine had a small groove where you can place the screw driver and lift it open.
When that was done, I just pulled everything out; smashed up all the insides and snapped the rod that was used to change the time. Normally I'd give it to a toddler, they destroy things in seconds... but I wouldn't want it choking on anything!

4) Remember this button? Well its a THICKER rod than the 'time changer' one - or whatever you call it.
Here I super glued down that round thing around it. So just glue down that bit without getting any glue on the rod. You still need it to be able to press down to release the front cover.

Hopefully you have everything correct here. If not, I'm really sorry! My instructions are horrible!

Now clip back in the back cover and there you have an empty pocket watch case!

If you glued it correctly, when you push the button down the cover should pop right open like normal!

This would also be a nice way to store homemade lip balm. Maybe if you're careful enough you can glue in a small fitting mirror onto the inside of the front cover.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Solid Perfume: where to find the ingredients!

I remember walking into a beauty store and seeing a stick of solid perfume. I thought it was the best idea in the world! Too bad it was in a gift pack along with some other junk I didn't need.

I jumped onto the net and looked up various recipes. The one I used in my tutorial was probably the most basic way to make them. There are plenty of other way to make solid perfume, it just depends on if you want to spend that much on extra ingredients or have the equipments available!

Believe it or not, the trickiest bit of making this was actually finding the ingredients!!

I spent a good 3 days researching where they sell beeswax and essential oils in my area!

I found a great ebayer who sold beeswax so that was out of the way. Be sure when buying that its ok with customs. You're better off buying within your country.

I could have also bought the essential oils online or on ebay as well, but what if I didn't like it after I've paid for and received it? I mean if this is the scent I am going to wear, I HAVE to like it!

Try before you buy!!

So, I went down to the market and discovered a natural health store. They had barrels of essential oils to choose from! And they only sell you a few mils of them for $12 to $25. Yes, very expensive!

One night I went out to my major department store. Myers to be exact. I went through the make up section and found an aromatherapy corner.

OMG!! HEAVEN!! There all lined up were a whole range of essential oils and bottles of sweet almond oils!

Essential oils can also be used as massage oils (once diluted) so I'm sure if you know of anywhere that sells massage oils they would have them there!


Fragrant oil is for burning and not be used on the skin!

I know there are perfume oils but they were too pricey for me. I'm not so sure if perfume oils work the same when mixed with wax...

After I got everything, I spent a lot of time practicing and perfecting the methods.

First time I made it, I didn't put enough oils and there was too much wax in the mixture. The mixture hardened and it didn't glide. It was like a block of hard wax that smelt really nice!

So this video was about my third attempt.

I think that is all for now... I feel there is more to address but my head is blank!


If you've messed up, you can always melt it again and add any extra what-ever-it-is that you're missing.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a bit of time

Hey girls! ... Guys... EVERYONE!

New video is in editing process. While that is waiting, I thought it would be best to give you a heads up about what to expect in the times to come!

First of all let me thank you all for your patience and support!

I can't believe all the waiting I make you all do for the next videos!

Its like my videos are some sort of holiday that only happens once a year!!

Second of all I have to say that more waiting may happen as I am working 2 jobs and studying! Weird thing is, I thought I would be all stressed out and going coo-coo for not having enough time for myself or to do things I like... but I am enjoying both of these jobs soooo much I'd ask for more hours if I could! HAHAHAHA!!

So I only get a good total of 5 hours a week where the home is empty and for me to squeeze in a new tutorial (provided my studies are done... yeah right!) for you guys. I have a boyfriend too so I can't neglect him!

But its all good. Every week is planned out so when I see a good opportunity to work on new tutorials I will be on it!

While I am talking about videos, I do know a lot of my "old supporters" have been wanting to see "funny" videos again (I swear I'm not funny, I know you're laughing AT me!!). I just like to pay people and things out. But in recent times I have had a lot of ideas for those kinds of videos. So... YES! I am considering doing short comedic movies once in a while the only thing stopping me (besides 5 hr/week free time) is finding someone near me willing to act with me.

I could do a MyChonny, Bubbiosity, Community Channel and a Shane Dawson and act out all the parts myself but it wouldn't be as funny... because its me... =(

I hope to find someone who can collab, but even better: is able to meet up and shoot with me!

Haha, if I could contact My Chonny and fly over and we can both rock the pyjama pants, that would be awesome! Although Shane Dawson would be perfect for my current idea.

But I think I'm aiming a bit high haha! I'm not even as good as those guys! >.<

Till I find someone to help me out, it would be more Himehood tutorials for now!

Thanks for hanging in there! *hugs*