Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a bit of time

Hey girls! ... Guys... EVERYONE!

New video is in editing process. While that is waiting, I thought it would be best to give you a heads up about what to expect in the times to come!

First of all let me thank you all for your patience and support!

I can't believe all the waiting I make you all do for the next videos!

Its like my videos are some sort of holiday that only happens once a year!!

Second of all I have to say that more waiting may happen as I am working 2 jobs and studying! Weird thing is, I thought I would be all stressed out and going coo-coo for not having enough time for myself or to do things I like... but I am enjoying both of these jobs soooo much I'd ask for more hours if I could! HAHAHAHA!!

So I only get a good total of 5 hours a week where the home is empty and for me to squeeze in a new tutorial (provided my studies are done... yeah right!) for you guys. I have a boyfriend too so I can't neglect him!

But its all good. Every week is planned out so when I see a good opportunity to work on new tutorials I will be on it!

While I am talking about videos, I do know a lot of my "old supporters" have been wanting to see "funny" videos again (I swear I'm not funny, I know you're laughing AT me!!). I just like to pay people and things out. But in recent times I have had a lot of ideas for those kinds of videos. So... YES! I am considering doing short comedic movies once in a while the only thing stopping me (besides 5 hr/week free time) is finding someone near me willing to act with me.

I could do a MyChonny, Bubbiosity, Community Channel and a Shane Dawson and act out all the parts myself but it wouldn't be as funny... because its me... =(

I hope to find someone who can collab, but even better: is able to meet up and shoot with me!

Haha, if I could contact My Chonny and fly over and we can both rock the pyjama pants, that would be awesome! Although Shane Dawson would be perfect for my current idea.

But I think I'm aiming a bit high haha! I'm not even as good as those guys! >.<

Till I find someone to help me out, it would be more Himehood tutorials for now!

Thanks for hanging in there! *hugs*