Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Puffy Baby Doll Dress (Smock Top)

I made this dress today!

I put it on after sewing and it seemed as I needed to add elastic or a belt to gather at the waist.
So I added some elastic around the waist!

I dedicate this dress to my inspiration, Gal Sone!

I love her quarter sleeve 'smock' dress! So cute! And a good way to cover your big belly after a big meal!!

I followed the 'pattern' from "Clothes Without Patterns" by Fay Morgan but did my own variation of it.

How I sewed my version:

I wore it out soon after and received much attention and compliments! More on that on my Tiny Fidgety blog!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Make a Giant Bow

Wow!! So, it has been confirmed! The giant bow is the next big thing!! (Lame!)

I thought I'd be too lazy but I DID make one!

Hope you like!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Japan Style Updo

My hair is normally too short to put into a bun, so I figured out another way to do up my hair.

1. Curl bottom parts
2. Tie hair in high ponytail (to the side or in the middle)
3. Curl any straight bits
4. Bring hair forward
Optional: Pull down sides and curl / pin back fringe
5. Spray and decorate

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nails and Sales

Received another set of nails that I ordered today and it came with yet another surprise!!

The set I ordered:

Extra set:

I love buying from Yuki!!! ヾ(☆‘∀‘☆)。 They're the preppy argyle prints I like too!!

Last time I bought from her, the postman stamped my parcel and at the same time cracked the nails inside. During one of our conversations, I told her about the cracked nails and she was really apologetic even though it wasn't her fault! So, this time around she packed them in this plastic thing. I didn't mean to make her feel bad! (ノ_<。)* I was just stating how the postman was careless!! She's too nice!

*The free set was an extra for me for being a regular customer, not because of the cracked nail incident!*
She will not give free nails for nails cracked after posting!!

Anyway, she's currently having a 'san-kyu' (thank you) sale as mentioned in her newsletter. There are some great bargains here for those wanting some deco-den items to start decorating!! They are selling from about US$3!!!!!!! If you're too lazy to make your own decoration, she has already Hime deco compact mirrors too!


And there are plenty more! Check out her site also for really cute hand made nails: Fullmoon Nails

Or to go directly to the Thank You sale: click here!

The sale won't be on forever, so grab what you can!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Giant Bow

A little trend I've been seeing quite often is the giant bow sitting on the head!

First time I noticed it was on Tsubasa thinking the look was inspired by Mini Mouse.

The more pictures I found of other models, I noticed more and more of the bow!

I think its quiet cute now!

I found a giant orange bow in my local discount store, it was meant to be a clown dress up bow! Was tempted to buy it just so I could cam-whore with it but it was orange!

Easy to make! Just follow my video on how to make a bow but make it really BIG!! I'm unsure at this point of what they used to keep the bow on, but a head band may do the trick!

This one is a bit more Lolita.


I've started a small daily outfit blog on my Tiny Fidgety Blog. At the moment the blog looks empty, I don't know why! I've written so far 16 entries and none are to be seen! Normally there would be my latest entry up, but today it looks blank! You may have to go through the 'archives' to bring up my posts if you don't see anything!! Hopefully Blogger will fix this problem soon!!

So, I found out the problem is because of the browser...