Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Giant Bow

A little trend I've been seeing quite often is the giant bow sitting on the head!

First time I noticed it was on Tsubasa thinking the look was inspired by Mini Mouse.

The more pictures I found of other models, I noticed more and more of the bow!

I think its quiet cute now!

I found a giant orange bow in my local discount store, it was meant to be a clown dress up bow! Was tempted to buy it just so I could cam-whore with it but it was orange!

Easy to make! Just follow my video on how to make a bow but make it really BIG!! I'm unsure at this point of what they used to keep the bow on, but a head band may do the trick!

This one is a bit more Lolita.


I've started a small daily outfit blog on my Tiny Fidgety Blog. At the moment the blog looks empty, I don't know why! I've written so far 16 entries and none are to be seen! Normally there would be my latest entry up, but today it looks blank! You may have to go through the 'archives' to bring up my posts if you don't see anything!! Hopefully Blogger will fix this problem soon!!

So, I found out the problem is because of the browser...