Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paranoid online shopping

I recently did some online shopping... OMG!! AN? ONLINE SHOPPING?!?!?! Yes... I am probably the most paranoid person ever about fraud and getting ripped off!! I only bought one dress and a pair of shoes and when I received them, I felt a little ripped off... they were exactly the image shown and they fit nicely... I only felt that I paid as much as (if not more than) I would if I were to go out and buy it at a fob shop ( ̄へ ̄)

I recently found this store here:

It seemed too good to be true! Liz Lisa and Jesus Diamante clothing!! Now that's something you don't see on many online clothes stores!!

I was quite tempted to make a few purchases but while browsing, I started to question the authenticity of the page.

It is kind of too much to explain; but to make a long story short: the process of purchasing is unlike other online stores and the layout is all over the place... and there are too many items that I like. Too good to be true?

But if anyone has purchased from this site and everything is all good! Then please let me know! I want to buy so many things!

Mainly these preppy stuff I am after:

Liz Lisa goes preparatory!!


Wow, this South Australian record heat that everyone is talking about is really slowing everything down!!

My poor boys (cats) have been sleeping on our living room floor (cool floorboards) literally ALL day for the past 3 days ε-(´・`) My girls (guinea pigs) have been doing the same and have been munching on cucumbers and lettuce for hydration.

As for me (seeing the good side to everything), I've been feeling quite good! Sweat out all those toxins!! YEAH! Don't spend money going to saunas! Go outside!

Plus, the heat makes me go cookoo.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hime and Hime-Kaji / Onee Hime?

I've had a person ask me the difference between Hime Gyaru wear and Hime-Kaji (Casual Princess) and also asked when is it too old to wear Hime style clothes.

I'm no expert but this is what I believe:

Hime Gyaru

You all know that Hime Gyarus wear over the top frills and lace, jewels and pearls with big puffy, curly hair; basically resembling a 'modern' 18th Century European Princess. Their style basically screams richness and royalty!!

The best example would be from Jesus Diamante:


Hime-Kaji is much more subtle compared to normal Hime wear. It blends into normal everday wear while still giving a hint of princess. The hair is still curled but not done in such an extravagant way. This style is soft and sweet.

Best seen in La Pafait clothing range:

Both Hime and Hime-Kaji wear incorporate the glamour of a royal princess, but one is exaggerated and the other is simple!!

As for age, I've been finding videos everywhere about the older generation picking up on the Japanese youth's fashion! I'm not sure if this could be considered "Onee Hime" (older sister princess), I could be translating wrong!! But....

You're never too old!!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Of course, you can tell, I'd much prefer Hime-Kaji!!

Hope I've helped!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Street Style Snaps

My friend recently came back from his trip to Japan. I don't know what you do on those kinds of business trips but he explored every single city of Japan!! I will be on one of those cool business trips one day when I complete my course!!

I was going through his albums and found this really cute photo taken in Harajuku:

It sparked something inside me to search for more street snaps from other people.

I did a lot of browsing and found a user that goes by the name "Asian Infatuation". Basically, this person really loves the natural beauty of asian women and I think he also has some interest in their fashion.

So, he has loads and loads of albums from his travels throughout asia; mainly Japan.

These are some of my favourites from the streets of Japan that I saved for style inspiration:

I like her bag

This girl just had her photo taken by
a Japanese magazine photographer (I think)

I do not own any of these photos!!

If you want to see more of his photos, the link is:


My shop is close to opening!! At the moment, only PayPal available. I don't want to charge too much for postage but I have to buy the envelopes/boxes then pay for stamp and sending and such... it may amount to $5 for postage... but if anyone can help me figure out a better way then let me know!! I'm not very familiar with the whole postage system!!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Japanese Girls' Walk (video heavy)

I randomly stumbled across some videos from the streets of Japan. The people who filmed these videos all seem to say the same thing! Japanese girls everywhere seem to walk like this!!

To be honest, I dont think its cute!! It looks so uncomfortable! I went to school with a girl who was born with 'pigeon-toed' legs, of course she grew up with it and is used to it; but I don't see how it is cute! They look like waddling ducks!

Ah... the things people do to look cute!

BUT! How cute are these two?

Skirt is a little short, but they look so cute! I wish I had a dress up twin!

I also want to try and make a dress similar to Ayumi's dress in her MV 'Days':

She is so cute!! My 2nd favourite idol after Gal Sone! Sometimes I wish I looked like her... and had her wardrobe...


Kigurumi: I'm still waiting for a good roll of fabric to arrive at my local fabric store. But I think when I open up shop, I'm going to change suppliers because this place is a rip off! They charged me $7 per metre for the lace I used for the pillow case!! (Average price is $2 to $4 per metre)

I have to travel about half and hour from my house just to get cheaper lace!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pillow Fight!!

No, not really!

I did, however, make a pillow case!!

I attempted to make a bow shaped cushion too. A series of these in different fabric may be available at my shop (still not open...)

Modelling the bow cushion on my sister's bed.
She made her own gold silk bed set!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shopping is so stressful!!

Yeah, if you think shopping is stressful; then think about setting up a shop!!

I thought setting up an online shop would be a breeze... but then you have to think about what site is trustworthy to sell from, and which site you find is cheaper to sell from (you have to pay fees for using the sites), THEN you have to think about your international customers, how much postage is, how much extra to pay with postage for sending more than one item, what to pack the item in, currency conversion *head explodes* ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ NNYYYAAA!!!

All this to show that I am not a seedy seller!!

Also as a benefit for me; I made a little note book to account for every item I create and sell (putting my accounting classes to use). My PoGo really came in handy here!!

My shop isn't open yet (sorry for keeping you in suspense!!) but here are what I may be selling so you can have a head start in chosing!!

Items for sale:
Not all items shown here are made yet! I am still waiting on supplies from Yukie's suppliers to make the others!

Items already made:
Hime phone charm, scented heart and hime strap.

They're just sitting in boxes waiting to be ordered...

Items yet to be completed:
I only have one of each so far; I like to
hold on to the originals!

Just a quick note: the Hime Phone Charms come in a variety of different coloured laces. They range from white to peach. And also different toned pearl chain (pink to peach to gold). It was a result of not having enough lace and pearls and running back and forth to the fabric store only to realise they didn't have the same colour or style of lace and pearl that I originally had, so I had to go with the other ones that they had (´□`川)

SO! I am trying to figure out a system so I won't muddle up the orders!! But hey!! Each of you get one of a kind Hime Phone Charm ey??

So much to do before I open this shop!! Can you see how serious I take this?? I have to get a credit card in order to use this site for goodness sake!! I could use my parent's but I wouldn't feel like its all under my control... I'm a damn perfectionist...


My house became a farm once again today! Had my usual suspects: Kenny, Bebe, Sooky, Soap and the billions of fish in and outside of my house. Then Rocky (Thai's dog) came so my sister can babysit. I get home from work and she suggest Tony bring Hugo and his brother's dog Buddy. Hmm... eine gute idee?? NEIN!!!!!!

Dogs peeing everywhere, wrestling and knocking things over, Rocky barking at guinea pigs, Hugo slobber all over the ground, Rocky barking at Bebe, dogs pooing everywhere, Rocky drinking from the algae infested fish pond, Buddy drinking from the algae infested fish pond, Buddy trying to climb up a fence to eat Bebe, Bebe sitting on the roof provoking Buddy, smelling really strong dog farts... too much to say...

As giant as my backyard is, these guys seemed to have downsized it!

But, one amazing thing came out of today! Hugo can finally fetch!! About time there, mate!!


^Looks like Bebe farting!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Compact Purse Style Mirror

My mum gave me a little compact mirror the other day; it looked like a miniature purse!! But the cover was blue and had a picture of a cat on it. I like cats but this one just wasn't my style.

Last night, I stayed up so late fiddling with it. I basically ripped it apart and rebuilt it from scratch!!

I must say, it is a little uneven here and there, but it looks cute nonetheless!!

You can see a bit of the glue here...

Well, this may be up for sale when I start up shop, unless I make a better one. If I get enough requests for it then I will make more... it will also give me a chance to practice more on it so I can improve on the glue!!

All I'm worried about at the moment with this design is the bead border, if you're really rough with it then it has a chance of breaking off!!


I found this really good blog for fashion and styling!!

Even the writer wears cute clothes!!


On another note: I was going to link up another video hosting place where they had complete episodes of Tokyo Kawaii Tv... but I realised that the previous links I posted up (whether it was on youtube or veoh or other sites) the videos were removed soon after I posted!!