Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hime and Hime-Kaji / Onee Hime?

I've had a person ask me the difference between Hime Gyaru wear and Hime-Kaji (Casual Princess) and also asked when is it too old to wear Hime style clothes.

I'm no expert but this is what I believe:

Hime Gyaru

You all know that Hime Gyarus wear over the top frills and lace, jewels and pearls with big puffy, curly hair; basically resembling a 'modern' 18th Century European Princess. Their style basically screams richness and royalty!!

The best example would be from Jesus Diamante:


Hime-Kaji is much more subtle compared to normal Hime wear. It blends into normal everday wear while still giving a hint of princess. The hair is still curled but not done in such an extravagant way. This style is soft and sweet.

Best seen in La Pafait clothing range:

Both Hime and Hime-Kaji wear incorporate the glamour of a royal princess, but one is exaggerated and the other is simple!!

As for age, I've been finding videos everywhere about the older generation picking up on the Japanese youth's fashion! I'm not sure if this could be considered "Onee Hime" (older sister princess), I could be translating wrong!! But....

You're never too old!!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Of course, you can tell, I'd much prefer Hime-Kaji!!

Hope I've helped!