Sunday, January 18, 2009

Street Style Snaps

My friend recently came back from his trip to Japan. I don't know what you do on those kinds of business trips but he explored every single city of Japan!! I will be on one of those cool business trips one day when I complete my course!!

I was going through his albums and found this really cute photo taken in Harajuku:

It sparked something inside me to search for more street snaps from other people.

I did a lot of browsing and found a user that goes by the name "Asian Infatuation". Basically, this person really loves the natural beauty of asian women and I think he also has some interest in their fashion.

So, he has loads and loads of albums from his travels throughout asia; mainly Japan.

These are some of my favourites from the streets of Japan that I saved for style inspiration:

I like her bag

This girl just had her photo taken by
a Japanese magazine photographer (I think)

I do not own any of these photos!!

If you want to see more of his photos, the link is:


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Wish me luck!