Saturday, January 10, 2009

Japanese Girls' Walk (video heavy)

I randomly stumbled across some videos from the streets of Japan. The people who filmed these videos all seem to say the same thing! Japanese girls everywhere seem to walk like this!!

To be honest, I dont think its cute!! It looks so uncomfortable! I went to school with a girl who was born with 'pigeon-toed' legs, of course she grew up with it and is used to it; but I don't see how it is cute! They look like waddling ducks!

Ah... the things people do to look cute!

BUT! How cute are these two?

Skirt is a little short, but they look so cute! I wish I had a dress up twin!

I also want to try and make a dress similar to Ayumi's dress in her MV 'Days':

She is so cute!! My 2nd favourite idol after Gal Sone! Sometimes I wish I looked like her... and had her wardrobe...


Kigurumi: I'm still waiting for a good roll of fabric to arrive at my local fabric store. But I think when I open up shop, I'm going to change suppliers because this place is a rip off! They charged me $7 per metre for the lace I used for the pillow case!! (Average price is $2 to $4 per metre)

I have to travel about half and hour from my house just to get cheaper lace!!