Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Compact Purse Style Mirror

My mum gave me a little compact mirror the other day; it looked like a miniature purse!! But the cover was blue and had a picture of a cat on it. I like cats but this one just wasn't my style.

Last night, I stayed up so late fiddling with it. I basically ripped it apart and rebuilt it from scratch!!

I must say, it is a little uneven here and there, but it looks cute nonetheless!!

You can see a bit of the glue here...

Well, this may be up for sale when I start up shop, unless I make a better one. If I get enough requests for it then I will make more... it will also give me a chance to practice more on it so I can improve on the glue!!

All I'm worried about at the moment with this design is the bead border, if you're really rough with it then it has a chance of breaking off!!


I found this really good blog for fashion and styling!!


Even the writer wears cute clothes!!


On another note: I was going to link up another video hosting place where they had complete episodes of Tokyo Kawaii Tv... but I realised that the previous links I posted up (whether it was on youtube or veoh or other sites) the videos were removed soon after I posted!!