Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paranoid online shopping

I recently did some online shopping... OMG!! AN? ONLINE SHOPPING?!?!?! Yes... I am probably the most paranoid person ever about fraud and getting ripped off!! I only bought one dress and a pair of shoes and when I received them, I felt a little ripped off... they were exactly the image shown and they fit nicely... I only felt that I paid as much as (if not more than) I would if I were to go out and buy it at a fob shop ( ̄へ ̄)

I recently found this store here:

It seemed too good to be true! Liz Lisa and Jesus Diamante clothing!! Now that's something you don't see on many online clothes stores!!

I was quite tempted to make a few purchases but while browsing, I started to question the authenticity of the page.

It is kind of too much to explain; but to make a long story short: the process of purchasing is unlike other online stores and the layout is all over the place... and there are too many items that I like. Too good to be true?

But if anyone has purchased from this site and everything is all good! Then please let me know! I want to buy so many things!

Mainly these preppy stuff I am after:

Liz Lisa goes preparatory!!


Wow, this South Australian record heat that everyone is talking about is really slowing everything down!!

My poor boys (cats) have been sleeping on our living room floor (cool floorboards) literally ALL day for the past 3 days ε-(´・`) My girls (guinea pigs) have been doing the same and have been munching on cucumbers and lettuce for hydration.

As for me (seeing the good side to everything), I've been feeling quite good! Sweat out all those toxins!! YEAH! Don't spend money going to saunas! Go outside!

Plus, the heat makes me go cookoo.