Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shopping is so stressful!!

Yeah, if you think shopping is stressful; then think about setting up a shop!!

I thought setting up an online shop would be a breeze... but then you have to think about what site is trustworthy to sell from, and which site you find is cheaper to sell from (you have to pay fees for using the sites), THEN you have to think about your international customers, how much postage is, how much extra to pay with postage for sending more than one item, what to pack the item in, currency conversion *head explodes* ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ NNYYYAAA!!!

All this to show that I am not a seedy seller!!

Also as a benefit for me; I made a little note book to account for every item I create and sell (putting my accounting classes to use). My PoGo really came in handy here!!

My shop isn't open yet (sorry for keeping you in suspense!!) but here are what I may be selling so you can have a head start in chosing!!

Items for sale:
Not all items shown here are made yet! I am still waiting on supplies from Yukie's suppliers to make the others!

Items already made:
Hime phone charm, scented heart and hime strap.

They're just sitting in boxes waiting to be ordered...

Items yet to be completed:
I only have one of each so far; I like to
hold on to the originals!

Just a quick note: the Hime Phone Charms come in a variety of different coloured laces. They range from white to peach. And also different toned pearl chain (pink to peach to gold). It was a result of not having enough lace and pearls and running back and forth to the fabric store only to realise they didn't have the same colour or style of lace and pearl that I originally had, so I had to go with the other ones that they had (´□`川)

SO! I am trying to figure out a system so I won't muddle up the orders!! But hey!! Each of you get one of a kind Hime Phone Charm ey??

So much to do before I open this shop!! Can you see how serious I take this?? I have to get a credit card in order to use this site for goodness sake!! I could use my parent's but I wouldn't feel like its all under my control... I'm a damn perfectionist...


My house became a farm once again today! Had my usual suspects: Kenny, Bebe, Sooky, Soap and the billions of fish in and outside of my house. Then Rocky (Thai's dog) came so my sister can babysit. I get home from work and she suggest Tony bring Hugo and his brother's dog Buddy. Hmm... eine gute idee?? NEIN!!!!!!

Dogs peeing everywhere, wrestling and knocking things over, Rocky barking at guinea pigs, Hugo slobber all over the ground, Rocky barking at Bebe, dogs pooing everywhere, Rocky drinking from the algae infested fish pond, Buddy drinking from the algae infested fish pond, Buddy trying to climb up a fence to eat Bebe, Bebe sitting on the roof provoking Buddy, smelling really strong dog farts... too much to say...

As giant as my backyard is, these guys seemed to have downsized it!

But, one amazing thing came out of today! Hugo can finally fetch!! About time there, mate!!


^Looks like Bebe farting!!