Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Solid Perfume: where to find the ingredients!

I remember walking into a beauty store and seeing a stick of solid perfume. I thought it was the best idea in the world! Too bad it was in a gift pack along with some other junk I didn't need.

I jumped onto the net and looked up various recipes. The one I used in my tutorial was probably the most basic way to make them. There are plenty of other way to make solid perfume, it just depends on if you want to spend that much on extra ingredients or have the equipments available!

Believe it or not, the trickiest bit of making this was actually finding the ingredients!!

I spent a good 3 days researching where they sell beeswax and essential oils in my area!

I found a great ebayer who sold beeswax so that was out of the way. Be sure when buying that its ok with customs. You're better off buying within your country.

I could have also bought the essential oils online or on ebay as well, but what if I didn't like it after I've paid for and received it? I mean if this is the scent I am going to wear, I HAVE to like it!

Try before you buy!!

So, I went down to the market and discovered a natural health store. They had barrels of essential oils to choose from! And they only sell you a few mils of them for $12 to $25. Yes, very expensive!

One night I went out to my major department store. Myers to be exact. I went through the make up section and found an aromatherapy corner.

OMG!! HEAVEN!! There all lined up were a whole range of essential oils and bottles of sweet almond oils!

Essential oils can also be used as massage oils (once diluted) so I'm sure if you know of anywhere that sells massage oils they would have them there!


Fragrant oil is for burning and not be used on the skin!

I know there are perfume oils but they were too pricey for me. I'm not so sure if perfume oils work the same when mixed with wax...

After I got everything, I spent a lot of time practicing and perfecting the methods.

First time I made it, I didn't put enough oils and there was too much wax in the mixture. The mixture hardened and it didn't glide. It was like a block of hard wax that smelt really nice!

So this video was about my third attempt.

I think that is all for now... I feel there is more to address but my head is blank!


If you've messed up, you can always melt it again and add any extra what-ever-it-is that you're missing.