Friday, November 12, 2010

Plush Hat

I did my own version of this Mickey Mouse plush hat:

I has taken me a while to get around to and after reading the entry from Universal Doll about current bear ear trends, I was motivated to make it!

I cost me around $20AUD to make the whole thing. Not as cute as the picture above... maybe you have some tips to give me!

Oh and I re-uploaded my phone charm tutorial for those who have been asking about it.

How embarrassing, there are ads on my video about losing weight...

And I want to take this chance to say that I have missed you guys!

Ideas and designs don't come around regularly haha! I usually have to be reading something or be inspired by something I see

Anyway, I'm almost reaching 10,000 subscribers! Yay!

But its not all about the views and subscription. Its about sharing my ideas and creations with you and letting you try it for yourself.

As long as you are all watching me for that reason then I am more than satisfied.

Who knows when my next idea will come. Till then, keep an eye out for these other diy gurus:


All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUG* *HUG* *HUG*