Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Square Case

Hi Awesome followers!

I've been away for so long! I wish I was always creative and inventive so I can constantly churn out tutorials for you all! But unfortunately, I'm just and average person who only gets inspired by random things I happen to pass by!

Sometimes I'd be sitting in my church during sermon and an idea would suddenly hit me! Like the time I thought of a great way to place an air freshner in the car without making the interior look ugly... (hard to describe but it was a cool idea). Or even out eating dinner with my boyfriend, just sitting there staring at napkins and BAM! I come up with some unique way of using your soap and a shower puff... (hard to explain too... maybe I should draw pictures haha)!

But then I'd go onto google or etsy and see if someone has already come up with these ideas. A high percentage of the time a similar idea has already been created. Like that air freshener idea, Audi has already released a concept on their website. Not exactly how I imagined it... but a billion times better! Damn, could have been a millionaire if I came up with it long ago haha!! Joke joke!

And even the soap+shower puff idea, there turned out to be a thing called a "soap saver" made by crocheting. Pretty close to what I had imagined, but I think it works better than what I came up with.

So... mega sigh...

I know I'm very picky when it comes to tutorials. I kind of want things to be close to perfect before I show anything. And I dislike repeating tutorials what are already out there unless I have my own version of doing things.

So anyway, my notebook is just full of sketches and notes on things I'd like to create and incorporate into my designs or stuff I make. So I am still thinking of making Himehood tutorials, its just time and the fact that 90% of the stuff I-think-that-I-am-so-amazing-by-coming-up-with-a-totally-cool-idea are actually already created and results me in sad face.

Ok too much blah blah.

I cleaned out my room in preparation for the new study period and just found stacks of unused fabric and junk.

So while waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up, I hopped on the machine and just threw together what ever I happened to like from the junk pile...

Ended up making some awkward square pencil case:

I think it looks cool. And it fits my calculator too!
I used some sort of denim star print fabric for lining. I hate it when your pens and pencils pierce the thin lining inside your pencil case and then theres the hole in there that your erasers and what nots manage to climb into then get lost in between the outside fabric and the lining and you rumage around in there, you can feel it but you just can't reach it!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that is why my lining is made of tough fabric.

All the best for 2011!
Much Love,