Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dye or Wig?

I am happy with my natural look and hair colour, but sometimes a little change can help add mixture and interest to my outfits.

I've thought constantly of dying my hair a dark brown or brunette colour.

Similar to these girls

I became inspired when I saw this really pretty asian (looked Japanese... yet Chinese at the same time) girl in town pull off the medium brown hair really well with her dress. I wanted to look exactly like her... only my hair wasn't long enough =(

The only thing that puts me off is the regrowth. Its like, you dye your hair and you look great for a month or two, and there it is... that hideous black patch crawling out of your head!! Then you have to dye it over again or just grow it out =S And if you want to dye it back to black, you'd look emo +_+ TROUBLESOME!!

Well, browsing through Himeka Shirosaki's blog today, I realised that her always amazing hair is actually a bunch of wigs!!

WOW! All this time I just thought she was just rich enough to keep her regrowth up to date with all those hair dyes. And add and remove hair extensions at will. I never realised they were different lengths and shades till I saw that picture on her page!!

Lucky girl!! Gets to change her look as easily as she wants! Its kinda inspiring me to buy a few wigs hehe!! Not blonde ones of course! But it would be great if I didn't have to spend all that time damaging my already crappy hair with hair straighteners and products! Just tie it in a bun and whack on an already styled wig! YAY!

Now, there is still a bottle of brunette hair dye still in my room, its been there for 3 months now... I hope it hasn't expired =S Oh geez, I am so lazy!

Probably go wig shopping sometime soon and lucky I ran into a really reliable place that is full of real hair wigs recently!!

OH!! And of you are curious of who Himeka Shirosaki is:


She is a kind of Lolita style, I see very little Hime in her but she is good for fashion inspiration! She is more famously known for her very realistic Ayumi Hamasaki impersonations! The bags under her eyes are seriously heavy though, but other than that, Ayumi has a look alike!!