Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hime-den, Tokyo Kawaii TV and a lucky boy... or girl??

Sorry no images!! Prepare your eyes for some heavy reading!!

Deco = Decoration
Den = Denwa (phone)

I was browsing the net for any mirror that had been decorated as Hime style, but I couldn't find any (that's why I had to design my own with no template). I did, however, come across many many many phone decor sites!!

This link I'm going to show you girls is mainly made up of gems and diamante. I personally prefer fabric decor like lace and ribbons (and a touch of pearl) because they look softer and sweeter. Although, I like looking at gems and such; it gives the owner an almost 'rich' image!!

Deco-den inspiration: http://community.livejournal.com/deco_den/1214.html
(There are also extra links on the bottom of that page)


Speaking of decoration and mirrors and such, I came across this video the other day where this person... Erm... how would I explain this... a 'boygirl'? Well, basically a man who changed to woman!! He looks like a girl, the give away is when he opens his mouth and out comes this hideous man voice!

Anyway!! I will call him the himeboygirl! This himeboygirl was one of the hosts on this Japanese TV show and had a chance to get a hime room makeover!! They called in this woman who was famous for decorating girl's rooms and specialized in hime style. She was this editor of a popular home style magazine.

The result was sooo beautiful!! Heavy felt curtains and a double hime bed filled with soft coloured cushions! An elegant gold framed mirror and everything was pink! Then they decorated his/her walk-in wardrobe and turned it into a dressing room with studio dressing table completed with lighted mirror!!

I wish I could find the video again so I can link you girls!! I got a little jealous of the himeboygirl because he/she got it all for free and they basically cleaned and organised his/her room and turned it into such a sweet girly room!! *Still browsing hoping to find the link!!*


For a long while now I've been watching the Tokyo Kawaii TV series on Veoh. Its the perfect television show for anything cute and girly. Every episode has girly dressed up girls and some gyarus. Its all inspiration for me! Oh, and the host is so pretty (the female one that is)!!

If there was a DVD, I'd buy it right away to keep forever!! I'm sure not all the episodes are up and the videos on the net may be removed due to copyright infringement. So, watch it while its up!!

This link has the most completed episodes I've found. There are some youtube videos but most of them are only partial.


Do some detective work, I'm sure you can figure which ones are Tokyo Kawaii Tv episodes hehe!!


Well, aren't you girls lucky? Getting all these sources in one go!!