Friday, October 24, 2008

"Where do you get your nails from?"

Ok, since my last video was put up, the main focus was actually on my nails instead of my rings!! HAHA!!

So, Yukie (or Yuki ~ I'm confused on which name she prefers... but I don't think its something to fuss over ^_^) has asked me to help her promote her nails by posting info about it on my blog and I am more than happy to!!

Don't be afraid to ask questions! She is very friendly and is really looking forward to new customers!!

If you are worried about the sizing, have a look at my photos/video; the one I wore in the ring pictures/video was a medium size.

Not only does she sell really cute nails; she also has a range of cute parts (bows, roses, beads, gems, and more) and clear nails for you to make your own!


*SPECIAL OFFER - If you are making a purchase from this site, mention my REAL name (An) when ordering so she will give you a free gift!! E.g. "I found your site through An!" But only when you are purchasing, if you are only browsing her site then there is no need to tell her.*

She ships internationally!

Yuki also has more nails on her ebay account:
The special offer does not apply on ebay!!

That's it from me! You can find out more from her site! Happy shopping!!