Monday, September 29, 2008

My Idol

You all may think I look up to Hime Gyaru models or just any famous Gyarus but I only like their fashion.

One Japanese person I look up to most (only cos I'd admire her sooo much and want to be like her) is Gal Sone!!

Sonene is the one in white dress

OMG, she is my ultimate idol!! So funny on talk shows and just being herself!! She is sooo cute!! And so slim considering she is an eating champion!! YES! She enters eating competitions against many other eaters (women and men) and most times beats them!! She could eat a bowl of rice with sides the size of your arms in a cirlce (bad description... imagine hugging an invisible tree, that circle you just made with your arm is the size I am talking about!!)

Her fashion style (before she started singing that it, I will explain further down) is what I LOVEEE!! It just casual, subtle gyaru fashion... just cute and simple ^_^ (You guys have noticed my fashion is not overdone)

I remember the first time I was introduced to her back in 2007. My friend sent me a link to a video about some 'cute Japanese girl' he thought I would find interesting. I opened it and there she was! So tiny and dressed up, looking like a typical Gyaru! Waving her hand peace signs about and being so polite. Then they take her into a restaurant and order a LARGE plate of something I don't actually remember... but I watched her eat it all!! Including a sundae as the height up to my shoulders!! +_+ And she wasn't even feeling bloated O.o!! I was hooked since then!!

Another video I saw was her in a noodle eating competition, she ate like 15 bowls and was far ahead! She even had time to check herself in the mirror and wipe of the sweat off her face and fix her makeup!!

Why Sonene? I am obessed with food!! All through high school all I would think/talk about was food hahaha "Whens lunch?" "OMG! Can I have some?" *Eyes canteen* *stomach grumbles* Ask my boyfriend! Everytime we go out I am always suggesting to eat sushi or chocolate mousse mmmm.... But I haven't been dancing lately so I haven't been burning all the food I have taken in... its starting to show!! EEP!!

Anyway, she is also a member of the new singing group Gyaruru, personally, I do not like their music... I miss the old Gal Sone... I liked her before she joined the group... and since she joined, her fashion has started to look to bold and less casual. =/

I will always be a fan of her casual fashion, eating habits and lovable personality!!

Heres her blog to see her updates on her latest challenges or food discoveries around Japan... and she has a nail decor fetish too!! She has loads of picture of her nails!!

I'd love to meet her one day... and maybe give her some of my creations!!!