Saturday, February 7, 2009

To please

I set up a second blog just so I can blog about my daily life without people getting all crazy about not being 'hime' or 'sweet' (as my 'himehood' blog name suggests).

I will update on this blog when I have made or designed new things, or if I found some good sites and so on. Or when I'm feeling a little... sweet ( ̄へ ̄)...

But with that being said, this blog won't be updated as regularly as my new blog!!

So, new myspace friends... did you notice anything interesting on my page?? *cheesy grin*

And thank you to my regular readers for bearing with me through these weird and confusing times! Hopefully, there will be less drama this time around!!


Before I leave, I updated my youtube favourites today. Since there are no pictures in this blog, I made it up for you buy finding you some more hime/girly videos and also a short video on how to make a basic dress; I will show you my version of the dress soon!

*throws candy*