Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wedding time with Uno Kanda

I love weddings! Especially at the reception when the bride comes out with her reception dress. My uncle films for weddings; so every time we have family gatherings at his house, my sister and I would go through his work DVD collection and pick out the pretty young bride (oh, so shallow we are) and watch for the reception photos (for other people's dresses) and of course how pretty the bride's dress is!

I've been on a wedding video spree, especially the videos from Japanese catwalk shows with wedding dresses.

From these, I discovered Uno Kanda. I am such a fan of her designs now!

Check out these videos of her wedding collection:

I really love the bow on the veil!

And also loving the gathered bottom of this dress!

I did a bit of Uno stalking and managed to find her fashion blog and her official website.

A sneak peak at her cute bag designs:

I really want to get this one here!

My new inspiration: Uno Kanda!!