Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Resource, thigh lace socks and Reggae Gyaru?

I was searching up 'b-gyaru' pictures and stumbled upon this link:

2 years ago I used to always visit this blog and two other French gyaru blogs (can't remember the links anymore)

But there you go! Its image heavy so you have to wait it out!

I will update again if I find another! Happy viewing! ^_^


Found these cute lace thigh socks from

Don't ask me how to make them! I can figure it out but I guarantee it will look dodgy!!


As for b-gyaru style, the closest I've found to that style are all the 'dancehall queens' of Japan. They're clothes are sometimes b-gyaru! But they don't wear it to hip hop, they wear it when they dance to reggae ton music... Most times they just dance in g-strings and skank clothes =/

I'm quite fascinated by how they move with the music... but its kinda... skanky...

These videos are pretty tame compared to others, but its not the style I'm after. Watch if you're curious though: