Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scented heart / My 21st

After making a big mess and going through many trial and error...

I am proud to present to you a new member of the Himehood Collection!

Scented Heart

There are two colours of bow/roses to choose from; pink or white. Each colour is made a different style.

Can be hung in many places such as your car, on your door knob or in your cupboard to give a sweet fresh smell every time you open your door!

I am still figuring out which scent is best. I have a choice of two... We'll see...

Will be available when I finish my other designs!

27th December, Saturday:

Happy 21st to me! Spent the day making the scented hearts.

Tony took me to his place to cook dinner for me! He attempted my favourite 'Choo Chee' dish from Orientai, then he cooked steak and we ended up eating it with the Choo Chee sauce and it was the best!! Thai and Aussie food mix! YEAH!

Then he presented me with his homemade chocolate mousse! I love chocolate mousse! Man, I love all sweets!!

He also got me a digital mini photo frame!

Slide show in my hands!

After I met up with my friends to celebrate mine and Anne's 21st (her birthday is a day after mine!)
All my other friends are currently in Brisbane *sadness*

Me (asian flush?) and my Hero

A lot of dancing that night. Best part was when I was just dancing away on the stage and this guy was dancing up against me; I turned around to show I had no interest but he didn't get it. So, Tony came in to dance with me but the guy was still trying! So dumb... Then, Tony pushed in between us and fully backed him up against the wall!! The crowd was laughing so much! Maybe I will make a cartoon for you to understand. But all I can say is: Tony you are my hero!

This has been a quite brief blog, I've just been out and about enjoying my holidays and getting a good work out!

Got Thai and Tony over to watch movies with my sister and I right now. Its so good to chill out together!

POPCORN HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!