Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hime Ring #2 / Sweet nail maker!

I've been on a creating spree!!

Rummaged through my left over scrap pieces today. I picked up a few things and just from the top of my head came up with this:

(I tried to make my hand as feminine as possible!)

Materials and process:
Base - laces that have been sewed together at the ends then gathered at the center.
Pearl chain - First dab glue (hot glue gun) on the lace base, stick the middle of the pearl chain on first. While glue is about to set, fold the pearls over to look like a bow (cross over). Seal with another dab of glue.
Flower (left over from 'hime mirror make-over') - just dab glue and stick!!

When all is done, glue onto ring!!!

~ ~ ~

I received a gift from Yukie a few days ago. I was only expecting a set of nails I bought from her but when I opened my package it was full of surprises!!

My order

Extra gift!!

I've been staring at these nails for weeks now:

Preppy style nails!!

I'm not buying them because they're too long!! I'd rather leave it for someone else who will actually wear them on a daily basis and can still make use of their hands haha!!

If you guys haven't checked; she has new stuff on her site. They range from DS cover to hime rings and bags and of course more nail designs!!

Click here!!

Personally the new things are too pink and frilly for me! I like my accessories a little toned down but still with a hint of hime! But for those die-hard hime lovers, I do recommend giving her site a visit!

Don't forget to mention my name 'An' when purchasing (FREE GIFT FOR YOU)!