Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hime Kitty Hat

So the story of the Accidental Hime Kitty Hat:

I started out by making Hime Christmas hats. I realised, when I finished, that the fur was sewn on backwards. Giving a biiiiiggg sigh, I cut the fur off because it was too cute to throw away.

From that fur, I decided to make a concept Hime pencil case.

Unfortunately, my pens and other stationary did not fit. (Please refer to above picture)

At that very moment, Bebe struts onto the cat mat laying beside the dining table (on which the sewing machine was placed). Alice begins to play with him. I look at Bebe and throw the 'concept Hime case' onto him and say, "Here! Play with this!" Watching it sit on Bebe's belly, I began to think, "That looks really cute on him..." I pause. "ON him!"

And may I please introduce to you the Accidental Hime Kitty Hat!!

And the ever so loveable-movie-star-wannabe-deformed-leg BEBE!!

I thought he would have thrown the hat off, but I think he secretly enjoyed wearing it... He was so still during the whole 'photography session'. I think he's gay...

Kenny on the other had went spastic and when we did manage to get it stuck to his head, he curled up and froze till we took it off! Such a baby ^_____^"

How to make:
Its so simple. Its just two rectangle pieces of fabric joined at both sides and the top. Leave the bottom side open for your cats head.

Current measurements:
18cm (7 inches) wide and 8 cm (3 inches) high
Don't forget to leave and extra 1cm for sewing/joining