Saturday, December 6, 2008

Inspirational Videos



This last week was the worst week ever!! But it all ended so well ^_^ (unexpected calls and suprises and a fat pay cheque hehehehhee!!)

I am finally free to design and sew again!

OH! So many ideas in my head... Can't wait to get them out onto fabric eep!

So, the links on post will be mainly on fashion since I specialise in clothes design/making.

Fashion Inspiration

Next lot is in 3 parts:
TokyoGirlsCollection Part 1

TokyoGirlsCollection Part 2

TokyoGirlsCollection Part 3

You may find other links through the 'Related Videos' section.

There used to be a user with videos on Tokyo Kawaii TV, but they videos got removed because of abuse of terms and rights =(

Another user I've found has videos of just general fashion, skin care and other things about/for Japanese girls. Its so cool! They talk about food, fitness, shoes, clothes and heaps of other random girly stuff!! I love their fashion segments!!
motomotoimadoki channel

These girls have got the natural look that I'm going for. I'm just into the fashion and use the style for inspiration. As much as I rave on about the gyaru fashion, I only like their clothes. Don't care much about hair and make up because I don't want to look gyaru!

Hime and other cute stuff

For other videos, just check on my favourites once in a while:
Himehood Favourites

This link I frequently check:
La-Pafait - Hime brand, not as popular as others I think but they have some good designs!
And this video is some video of them with some Sprite mascot =S

When I remember more link, I will be sure to update you girls (and some guys that read this O.o!)