Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sorry 2 posts in one day, I'm just excited!!

Since my post on Preppy Gyaru (not the skanky dark look but the sweet upper class geek look), I found that user TokyoCawaiiTV uploaded a video on a fashion stylist who specializes in preppy style!

I can't translate all of the video but I assume Cecil Mcbee released a 'school line' for girls to wear the brand to school.

Awww... I was so happy watching this!! ^_^ And she looks like this girl I know who is Vietnamese... WEIRD!!

I LOVE Cecil Mcbee!! Elegant gyaru style!!
Check out the staff blogs, they're packed with sweet preppy style:
And their online shop has cute stuff like pyjamas and more preppy clothes!!

And my favourite: Cecil Linc