Monday, May 11, 2009

Easy Circle Skirt

The circle skirt is really cute and can be made with minimal effort! The circle allows the skirt to flare and the wavy appearance makes the wearer seem feminine and soft. The use of different patterns can also give a fun effect!

Making the skirt:

The measurements are a little confusing!

What I did was,

1) Measure from my hips down to what ever length I wanted my skirt
2) Add an extra 5 -6 inches
3) Use a string to draw your circle on your fabric (or on newspaper to use as a template while cutting)

4) Cut out the circle
5) Cut out about a 5 or 6 inches diameter circle in the centre

6) Hem the bottom of the skirt and the top (may be complicated, you may have to overlap the fabric on the inside)
7) Add strips on the inside to hold the elastic (once again, you may need to fold over the strip to go with the curve of the circle)

Hi Kenny!!

8) Thread elastic through and join at ends

Mine turned out alright, but of course this tutorial is for a very easy circle skirt for those who have no clue on the basics. If yours turned out a little worse than mine, you can still wear it but just hide the elastic with a belt or under your shirt!

I don't own any belts... I think I should...

Don't waste your left over fabrics!

I used them to make a bow hair tie:

And also a little wrist band!

Matching outfit! Cute!!