Monday, August 10, 2009

Worth watching

I found this blogger/youtuber just now, she does gyaru make up and is totally inspired by gyarus!

You should check her out!

Anyway, I watched one of her videos and heard her speak... SHES AUSSIE!!!!!!! Too cool!! Yeah, that's probably why I linked her haha! Because shes Aussie ^_^!

Yeah, another link for while I am away... again!

I know, my commitment isn't 100% there for Himehood. I've been studying a lot and I'm actually really enjoying it!

I have been sewing one item of clothing every month or so, so my stock is slowly growing but is still a fair way from being released. Keep in mind they're all size 8 Australian sizing. I don't know how to sew other sizes because I don't have any model to test it on...

Like I said, will be a while, so forget about me for a while and it will be a nice suprise when I come back!


Thanks for being patient!