Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bubble Skirt

I bought this frumpy looking long skirt today:(TinyFidgety is my other blog.
Don't mind the watermark!)

Thought I'd made a really easy tutorial on how to turn it into a bubble skirt.

One way is to use another piece of fabric underneath, but that was way to difficult to explain.

I did the easy way: using elastic!

Cut it to the length you want (maybe a little longer because it will spring up after attaching the elastic).

I set my sewing dial to this:

While you sew the elastic on, pull it towards you so it is stretched. This way, when you release it, the fabric will spring back with it and create the "bubble" effect.

I didn't feel like hemming it up or whatever. It kind of tucks itself under the whole skirt so you can't see it anyway: