Friday, July 24, 2009

Himehood "Party"

I'm so excited to announce that I will be adding a new collection to the Himehood range!!

I didn't know what to call this style but I guess it was suited for parties, so I called it PARTY!!


I will not be releasing it yet!

I need to make more so I have plenty of items for you to choose from when I release them to my etsy shop! This is better rather than releasing one item at a time then making you wait incase I out other stuff on later - and you can take advantage of my FREE SHIPPING (regular only)!!

So, I will have a Hime Collection and a Party Collection! Hopefully more things will inspire me and I will have like a billion collections!!

I will let you ALL know when I release them!!

For now, you can have a sneak peak at what is going to be in store!

What inspired this collection is the pair of shoes that my boyfriend got me when I was sad! Hehe! Cheered me up and put designs into my head!

Fake hoodie collar

As you can see, these tops are pretty versatile! You can wear them casually as street wear or dressy and sexy!

Thanks again for all your support! Hope to see you at my shop!