Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yukie's Fullmoon website is the only nails and nail supply website that I know of that sells at a decent price. I haven't found many other good ones but I will let you all know when I find them!

I like my nails simple:

I have been sewing a bit since the holidays started, I haven't bought much fabric because the prices are so ridiculously high these days!!

The fleece fabric I use for Hime Hoodies are exceptionally high because it is currently winter. I guess they will go on sale when it is summer in Australia (and so it will be winter in the US); and from this I can sell you the hoodies at a good price.

I'm thinking of selling this dress I made but I'm too lazy to take pictures with it and I can't find a 'model'. HAHA!!

Oh yeah, my etsy shop! I cut down the prices of the earmuffs! And I am giving free shipping! I know its still a little empty and you all are waiting for clothes; I'm just not sure as to what type of clothing you are after! I know that some will buy Hime Hoodies!

Last night I stayed up trying to make shorts with suspenders. These are not for sale, they're more of a 'prototype'... my practice!

I did a lot more than go straight to this result! I tried it on like 20 times and had to cut and add all these bits and pieces to get to here!