Friday, November 27, 2009

Classy Bow Ring

Rings have become a popular seller in my shop!

I also had a few requests from my friends and my friend's friend for bow rings too!!

This week I received new ring bases that I had ordered! The bases are flat and don't have this random plate that sticks out like the previous - more expensive - ones. They're perfect!!

I made a batch of really cute rings from them!

These ones are smaller compared to the other ones I made. They're soooo petite! I LOVE IT!!!

Direct link:

If this item is sold out, don't worry! I have soooo many ring bases and fabrics left! Just message me and let me know you would like one and I will make some more!

I understand you may need to enter credit card details to join etsy. If you prefer to purchase outside of etsy, please email me with the link of the item you want and I will send you a paypal invoice from there!!





If an etsy member purchased before you do, then I am unable to sell the item to you. Etsy will confirm and finalize the order so I can not make any changes after it has been purchased on etsy!

Happy shopping!

Are you waiting for tutorials?

Sorry! I haven't been very inspired lately! =(

Hope inspiration comes back after my exams!!!!!!!