Friday, June 18, 2010

Make Healthy Sweet Tea

Sorry for sounding like an infomercial! I have to script the things I say because I can’t talk on the spot; I generally tend to wander off onto unrelated topics and forget what I was talking about!

I’m just typing up the rest of my findings as I suck at explaining things verbally.

So, according to several resources PURE honey is a better replacement for sugar in tea as it contains vitamins and minerals – these nutrients that are essential to help you dissolve fats and cholesterols.

I’ve only just started adding honey to my tea so we will just see if this really works or not.

But really, add honey for the sweet and smooth taste! The weight loss (if any) would be a nice bonus for me!

I feel that homemade tea, using honey as a sweetener, goes down a lot smoother than bottled tea from the shops. Not to mention how much cheaper it is! $3.95 for a bottle of tea that leaves an icky aftertaste? Or less than 50cents for a cup or two of healthy, smooth, delicious homemade tea of your favourite flavour?

Oh yeah, another alternative can be syrup too!

With all that said, it doesn’t mean you can go and sweeten your tea with massive scoops of honey. Remember this: honey is a form of sugar!! You’re best of getting used to consuming tea on its own; so just gradually reduce the amount of honey each time you drink!