Monday, July 5, 2010

Making a Scrunchy Belt and a little bitch session

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Just a quick note if you want to save when making this.

As you all may know, I have been fairly irritated and annoyed with my local fabric store. It is one of those major retailers and suppliers of crafting and sewing stuff, so everyone goes there to buy stuff and they jack up the prices so ridiculously because people don't know where else to go that is a cheaper option.

If I wanted a cheaper option, I'd have to drive an hour to a massive warehouse-kind-of place run by Vietnamese people. Which I actually would rather do that now.

Yes, bitch bitch blah blah.

To my point.

Lets compare prices of this major store to this run-down cheapo Asian store (in terms of making a belt):

Major Store
Fabric $10 per meter
Thick elastic $12 per meter
Clasp $9 each
Total: $31

Asian Store
Fabric $6 per meter
Thick elastic $7 per meter
Clasp $4 each
Total: $17

Wow, I am really disappointed in major retailers. Greedy people.

The thing about the Asian store is you have to be very stern with them. Because their prices are so low, they try to make you buy more than you actually need.

The little Vietnamese lady was really trying to make me buy more elastic. I told her I knew what I was doing but she really insisted I buy more and gave really lame reasons.

But even if I did buy those few extra centimeters, my total still would not have added up to that ridiculous amount from the major store!

To think I almost spent $30 to MAKE my own belt when I could just buy it!!

(Mind you, I made two belts with all I bought from the Asian store, so $8.50 each!!)

Isn't the point of making your own clothes and accessories meant to be because it is cheaper than buying from store?

I don't know, I feel like I'm beginning a campaign to lower prices in fabric stores to encourage more creativity and individuality.

Haha... sewing... homemade... now I sound like a hippie.

Anyway, my point is, research before you buy.

Look up your phone book and see what other stores are around and go and have a look to see if they're cheaper.

Good luck and happy hunting!